About Us

"Everybody deserve someone to make them look forward to tomorrow"

- We do it!!!

Established in 2005, Pathway Hr Consultants is a process-value driven, executive search and selection firm that enjoys business partnership with several high profile organizations and leading business houses. We have been instrumental in placing skilled, semi skilled and highly skilled personnel in the I.T industries and Non I.T. segments. Over the years we have built a comprehensive database of resources to fit every need and our client base has steadily increased as well. Our search and select criteria have earned us accolades from our customers who have come back to us for repeat business, thus building continuity and trust.

The demand for skilled resources is always on the rise and Pathway HR aims to bridge the gap between the specific demands of the Client on one hand and the scarce supply of key professionals on the other hand. With a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of industry trends and work culture, backed by dependable resources, we are competent and efficient in putting the right people, skills and technologies together to help clients improve their performance.

We provide competent staffing services to our clients on a time-efficient basis. We provide professional, personalized and proactive support to prospective candidates (job seekers), and ensure right and rewarding professional careers for them. We have thus been able to build trust and confidence with customers looking for resources and resources looking to build professional careers.